Harris Whitehorn Limited Roofing Specialists throughout the New Forest
Harris Whitehorn Roofing specialists throughout the New Forest

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Experts in all types of roofing projects, experienced in conservation and heritage roofing works.


Harris Roofing Limited

We will arrange for a convenient time to visit your property.

If we are quoting for a small repair, we will get up on the roof and find the cause of the problem.

We can take a few photos of the problem area and the area around it. Once back in the office we can enlarge the photos and send them out with your quote with a few pointers showing you the problem.

The quotation will have a working list of all the work needed to be carried out and if scaffolding is required, plus when we can be there to undertake the work.

If we are quoting for a complete reroofing / refurbishing works we will arrange for a visit to the property when you have a little more time to run through all your ideas. We can give you good advice on which materials would look good on your property and show you some of our completed projects with these materials.

If you are reusing the existing covering we can explain which materials we can and cannot reuse on your roof and where we source our ‘new' reclaimed materials.

We can advice on which insulation is best for your property. If you require a new dormer window or roof lights this can be arranged and if you need any decorative wood works copied and replaced we can arrange this. We can advise on the different stages of the work, contact your neighbours if you require and explain the project to them if we need to use their property for any scaffolding.

The next stage is to arrange a time when we can get together with all the trades required to undertake your contract; scaffolders / carpenters / painters / and ourselves, to take some time to discuss all works necessary. We can also introduce them to you.

After this meeting I usually takes a week to get the entire figure together and write up the quotation for you.

Once we have finished the quotation and you have received it the cost is fixed for six mouths. If you are planning for the work to start in a years time the only thing we ask is that we can reprice the materials only, before we start because certain materials always go up in price.

The only items that will be an extra cost on the quote is any rotten wood we find and have to replace, but we always will advise you of this before.

Please note that all the costs shown are plus VAT

If you would like us to explain any part of the quotation this is not a problem.

If you are happy with everything on the quote and would like us to book the time in to undertake the contact please call us.

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