As a roofing specialist, Harris Whitehorn Roofing have vast experience working with slate tiles and lead throughout the New Forest.  We were commissioned to work on this Lymington house refurbishment project comprising the main house and new extensions around the building.   In addition, a new garage and office were built behind the house.  All required our roofing expertise to give the very impressive completed property.

For the main roofs we supplied and fitted a Siga 39 Spanish slate 250mmx 500mm. The main ridge and hips were finished in rolled lead using code five 450mm lead with lead straps and an oiled finish. The valleys were again 450mm code five lead.  All dormer fronts and cheeks were finished in code five lead , with the tops of the dormers completed in a rolled lead finish. The flat roofing area were covered with new single membrane.   To finish the look, the lower bays were fitted with a smaller slate enhacing the detail.

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